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Before I left for my vacation to Jamaica with my husband, I had written a FB post asking what people wanted me to blog about next.  I had already thought, that while watching and listening to the waves of the ocean, that I would be inspired to write my best blogs about fitness, nutrition, and supplements.

But what I found, was that while taking in that Vitamin D, listening to the waves of the ocean, and appreciating the Jamaican culture and people, I found myself inspired to write about something completely different, yet vitally important when it comes to living #everydayfit.


Relationships.  The intent of our trip to Jamaica was to relax as a couple.  We had taken little trips here and there since our honeymoon in May 2013, but we hadn’t fully taken a vacation for ourselves since then.  My kids were away with there dad, so it was the perfect opportunity.


While we were away, we met amazing people, just like us, looking to escape the day to day pressures, expectations, and realities of life.  We met the BEST people! Couples from Winnipeg, Boston, Montreal, New Jersey, Georgetown and a single older man from New Jersey (who was one of the highlights of my trip).  We were even Witnesses for a Wedding! See, at the core of it all, when we strip away the work attire, gym clothes, roles we play day to day, and are left there sitting around a pool bar in bikinis and swim shorts, sipping cocktails in the sun and being serenaded by local vocalists, we are all connected.  Connected through our eyes, smiles, laughter and human connection.


I loved hearing people’s life stories, their past travels, their best and worst vacation experiences…..all of it.  We connect with our selves daily through our nutrition, mindset, reading habits, training, employment, family roles, but we don’t often take the time to connect with others as deeply as we could, or in as freely as a context like when on vacation.


When I think back on my life, and as I get older, I grow to appreciate even more the value of deep relationships.  Those that touch your soul, create a lasting memory on your heart and in your mind, and those that shift you to evolve into a better version of yourself.  For many of my years as a young mom and wife, I can honestly say I didn’t put enough into that relationship.  Lessons all learned.


Make the time to commit to your relationships as much as you do to your fitness and nutrition.  Being #everydayfit encompasses ALL aspects of living.  The most important being relationships – with yourself, those you already love, and those you are about to meet. Friendships and love, as cliché as it may sound, in my opinion truly make the world go round.

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