Bowen Therapy in Guelph

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, hands-on therapy, which can be used on everyone from newborns to the elderly. The Bowen technique uses a series of careful movements to tap into the body’s autonomic nervous system and create homeostasis, allowing the body to find its own natural balance.

This unique therapy has the ability to stimulate a sense of deep relaxation and address the body beyond its presented symptoms.

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What should I expect from Bowen Therapy?

In a Bowen Therapy session, the patient lies comfortably on a treatment table wearing loosely fitting clothing. The therapist applies a series of gentle movements across the body and leaves the room for a few moments. These pauses and gentle movements give your body some time to process the signal, before the practitioner progresses onto the next set.

An individual receiving a private massage as a part of bowen therapy.

Think about what happens when you try to backup your computer. Just like a computer, your nervous system is not able to interpret information immediately. There will be a time delay.

Bowen Therapy’s effects on the body last for many days, so appointments are usually scheduled one week apart and last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. In most cases we recommend a series of about 3 treatments to evaluate the responsiveness of the individual. Within that period, we will be able to identify if the patient will need more treatment in the future.