Foundation Training in Guelph

At Everyday Fit, we strive to help you regain physical strength that will empower you to live a pain-free life. We do this through posterior training which focuses on strengthening the back of your body, creating new and proper movement patterns that help you become everyday fit.

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What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is an exercise program that helps you correct existing movement patterns and teaches you how to support yourself structurally. These exercises are used in addition to other activities so that you can fully realize the benefits of movement and restore your body’s muscular and structural capabilities that have been compromised by the wear and tear of day to day activities.

At Everyday Fit we strive to help you take control of your pain and become stronger than you even thought was possible. Craig Earley of Everyday Fit is certified in Foundation Training and offers one-on-one or group training sessions. He can teach you exercises to develop your foundation—and get you back to being everyday fit.