Core Training & Re-training

Your core is comprised of 4 primary muscles designed to synergistically work together in a series of contractions and co-contractions.  These muscles include the diaphragm, pelvic floor, miltifidus, and transverse abdominus.  The role of the core is to ensure proper body alignment, biomechanics and control during a specific task and in regular day-to-day activities.  Safely training your core muscles before, during and after pregnancy can help minimize the risk of a compromised core.

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A compromised core can present itself in the form of back pain, pelvic pain, pain with sexual intercourse, abdominal separation, urinary leaking or organ prolapse.  Moms often complain of having a ‘pouch’ or peeing when they jump, sneeze, laugh or cough.  These problems are all very common, especially for post-natal women, but they are not normal and can have an impact on your ability to confidently engage in your daily activities, pre-pregnancy fitness routines or sports, recreational activities or impact your self-esteem and confidence.

Prevention and Re-training

Good news!  A compromised core can be prevented and/or corrected through a systemized series of exercises and breathing technique designed to train and/or retrain how the core muscles contract and co-contract with each other, which can lead to resolution of chronic back and pelvic pain, resolve or minimize an existing bladder or uterine prolapse, and create a tight flat tummy.

Anna Earley is a Registered Nurse, Female Fitness Trainer and Certified Core Exercise Specialist who can help assess your specific needs and create a training plan that works for you!  Whether you are pregnant, or post natal, we have programs that can help you safely achieve a healthy, fit and strong body.