Speaking on Health and Fitness in Guelph

At Everyday Fit, we love sharing our passion for health and fitness with the community. Speaking engagements are one of our favourite ways to share what we know—and they are one of the best ways to spread awareness and educate others about personal health.

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Do you belong to a group or association looking for a speaker? Both Craig and Anna can deliver educational talks and lessons on a variety topics ranging from fitness to nutrition, anatomy and physiology to dietary supplements and overall wellness. Drawing on their wide experience in the health & fitness industry, these presentations can work equally for professional events or in less formal settings.

Topics of discussion include the following:

  • Pre and Post-Natal Pelvic Floor Health and Rehabilitation
  • Spine Health and Foundation Training
  • General Nutrition
  • Mobility vs. Stability
  • Workplace Wellness

We would love to talk to you about how to get everyday fit!

A woman publically speaking regarding nutrition, diet, exercise, and education.