Testimonials for Everyday Fit in Guelph


At Everyday Fit in Guelph we are committed to empowering people with the tools to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Here are some letters from past and present clients.

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“After having 2 children in my mid thirties I had a VERY hard time losing my baby weight and even more so getting a stomach even CLOSE to my pre pregnancy body (I still looked pregnant 2 years after my second was born!). Years of crunches and yo yo diets did very little for me post baby. Although I did not eat “bad food” my metabolism was at a hault and needed recharging.  

FINALLY I was given education on the importance of strengthening pelvic floor a set of post- pregnancy exercises that REALLY helped my overall body and my mid section!! MORE importantly I started to ROUTINELY use Anna’s suggested supplements (no more yo yo diets) and my body, energy levels and SPIRITS have done a 180!! I am consistently losing weight (on average 1-2 lbs/week), losing inches but GAINING confidence, energy and HOPE that I WILL be in the best shape of my life in my 40s! I still have a way to go, but having achieved more than half of my desired goals in just over 3 months I am CONFIDENT that sticking to this plan and continuing to adjust my workouts accordingly (as per Anna’s recommendations)- I will be well on my way to a brand new (and IMPROVED) me:)   

I am VERY grateful to Anna for introducing me to something that REALLY works for me and my body  type.  I feel amazing :)”

—Liz Campbell

“My goals were to get stronger so my son wouldn’t be lying to his friends when he says, “My Dad can beat up your Dad.” 🙂 But seriously, I know that consistency over time is what will bring results. I work with the team at Everyday Fit because they keep me accountable and help me accomplish my goals when it comes to fitness, mobility, strength, and nutrition. I also love the fact that I am getting specialized advice and coaching for everyday movements and activities.  It’s not about how much I can bench press, it’s about making sure I have hip mobility to cut hard when I water ski, it’s about having the strength to lift my kids up without concern for my back, it’s about having the flexibility to spike a volleyball harder than I could have ever before 🙂

Thank you for everything you guys do at Everyday Fit!”

—Robert Murray – Guelph, ON